Blackpool Boss, Simon Grayson Eyes Return to Championship

  • Posted on: 19 September 2019
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There had been only one man who could do the job when they were checked Golden Mile to secure a man who will be able to make Blackpool shine again. Simon Grayson had been successful in winning 1st of the 4 promotions. All these had been through loft hatch out of the League One 12 years ago with Tangerine.

At present, he is the hope and pride of Bloomfield Road once again. He is looking forward to his fifth start on the record, stock, rock, and 2 smoking barrels. The great fight back on 570 mile round trip in the midweek to Gillingham got Larry in the top spots and revived his mastery in a division where he had won the promotions with Huddersfield, Preston, and Leeds.

In thirty-two years as a valiant player of the game, last season had been the first time, as a manager or player, that Grayson had not been an active participant as the campaign started. He had missed just as bears miss honey.

The enthusiasm that he has for management hadn’t been curbed by a stopover of 125 day at Sunderland which was the shortest reigns in the history of Mackem or by an even shorter reign at Bradford which was for 86 days.

He says that he doesn’t regret taking the job at Sunderland and it had been good to turn down the offer of a big club who had come out of the Premier League. However, there had been so many problems underneath that he didn’t realize the amount of task he was to accomplish until he was a part of it. The alarm bells rang after 2-3 days.
The kit of Blackpoll had been things of Tangerine dreams for him. In the year 2007, he led them to Championship with back 4 including Robbie Williams and Michael Jackson.