Blackpool conducting their training sessions at Bloomfield Road

  • Posted on: 1 October 2015
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Blackpool have been conducting their training sessions at Bloomfield Road in recent times due to the redevelopment work being undertaken at the training ground.

Manager Neil McDonald says that the players have become used to the comfort at the stadium facilities, which is a far cry from the old training ground that is now being revamped. The club owners have faced intense criticism for the way they have taken money out of the club rather than putting it in. Blackpool have gone from being a Premier League team only a couple of years ago to being a League One outfit for the upcoming campaign.

The new season starts in less than two weeks and Blackpool will be taking on Colchester United and Northampton Town in the opening few weeks of the campaign. While the game against Colchester is the league, Blackpool are away at Northampton in one of the first rounds of the League Cup. MacDonald has been training his 18 man squad at the stadium. They are expected to return to the training ground sooner rather than later. MacDonald says that the plethora of facilities available at Bloomfield Road has in fact spoiled the players. Last season, the club managed only four wins throughout the entire campaign and it is one of the worst records for a Championship club.

“We are quite spoilt at Bloomfield Road to be fair. We use the hotel for breakfast and lunch, so the lads are well hydrated as well as refuelling between our two sessions a day.The training ground has been redeveloped and that’s why we are working from the stadium.The progress with that is coming along nicely. They are just waiting to knock the building down now and have been doing some other work,” said the manager about the facilities at Bloomfield Road.