Blackpool FC Awarded For Securing The Top Spot In Respect Table Of League One

  • Posted on: 24 December 2018
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Blackpool FC has been rewarded with a prize money of £20,000 by the Football Association for securing the top spot in the last season of respect table of League One. The award given to them acknowledged the exemplary disciplinary record of the team, which saw the team being given the least number of yellow cards (54); also no player of Blackpool received any red card in the whole season. This recognition and acknowledgment also highlight the deference shown toward the players of opposing team and the match officials. The Football Association’s Programme of Respect was initiated in the year of 2008 with the motive of uniting the game of football and making sure that football is enjoyed in peaceful, safe and a level of inclusive environments.

The prize money of £20,000 will aid the work which is being carried out by Community Trust of Blackpool FC. Ashley Hackett, the chief executive of the club said “We are not surprised that our club has won this award. The attitude of the coaching staff and players, both on community visits and on the pitch, has always remained highly professional. “They have always supported the projects carried out by us and we thank and congratulate them for this prize and their continued co-operation. He added this is really a great gesture from the team of Football Association and it is a resource which is highly appreciated and we will use this resource to continue our work within the community of Blackpool.

“The football fraternity has always appreciated this award“ and many of them have said that these kinds of award work as incentives for players to show a good
“attitude towards the game“
and other players as well. Football is notorious for instances of physical and mental abuse and awards like these are a great gesture by FA.