Blackpool FC started off the 2014-15 surprisingly

  • Posted on: 17 April 2015
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Blackpool FC started off the 2014-15 Football Championship League by sustaining a 2-0 defeat against Nottingham Forest and things did not get any better as the season progressed and the only results that the team of Lee Clark could secure were either defeats or losses and it wasn’t until October 3 when the first victory was snatched as Blackpool claimed their first victory of the season with a 1-0 triumph over Cardiff City.

Lee Clark and his players were unable to win a single league match during the opening 11 matches of the season. This is the way that Blackpool FC kicked off the season and things have improved in any way as the team struggles to clinch victories and it does not come as any surprise to know that they have been relegated from the English Championship League.

This disappointing season that the club is going through has started to anger fans as the supporters of the club have displayed their dissatisfaction in how the team they support are currently performing and have suggested to the club owner, Owen Oyston to sell the club.

Supporters of Blackpool FC have written an open letter to the owner, Owen Oyston stating that in order for the club to begin changing and for positive results to start emerging some radical changes need to be made and appointing a new chairman as well as a new chief executive is some of the suggestions that the fans have made.

A fragment of the open letter reads: ‘’Whole families have returned their season ticket cards to the club, others have torn up their cards, others have simply stopped going. You must see part family and see that for the future of the club, radical changes must be made. This has to begin with a new chairman and or chief executive and the club being put up for sale."

The coach of Blackpool FC, Lee Clark has already expressed his plans on changing the club during the summer transfer window but a lot of changes need to be done and Clark alone can’t do it all.