Blackpool Lacking In Players

  • Posted on: 7 August 2014
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Normally a couple of weeks before the start of a new season, the fans of every football club remain excited and optimistic, but, for the fans of Blackpool FC, the situation is a bit different right now. They are not filled with excitement at all and there is a reason behind it. The club which once used to play in the English top tier has not even had a full squad at this point of time.

There are only 8 guys that are contracted to Blackpool and their first match of the 2014-15 Season is just about 15 days away. This is enough to suggest what sort of phase the Seasiders are going through at the moment.

There are allegations of corrupt practices on the owners of Blackpool. It’s being said that they misused the funds that they got due to the relegation to the second tier.

Blackpool was scheduled to play a couple of friendly matches in Spain ahead of the upcoming season, but, the team couldn’t go on that tour because there were not enough playing personnel available.

A few days ago, Blackpool had played a practice match against Penrith. In that match, they had used as many as 5 trialist players.

A new manager in the form of Jose Riga has been appointed by the Blackpool board recently, but, he’s not even addressed his first press conference as yet. The fans are not happy with that either.

However, according to the reports, Riga has let the owners know that if he is not allowed to sign the players as per his desire, he would resign.

Blackpool was very close to being relegated to League One in the previous season. They could secure only 11 wins in the entire Championship and ended up at the 20th position in the point table.