• Posted on: 9 February 2022
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Beryley “Bey” Lubala 24 was accused of raping a woman in 2019, which he has denied in court last week. The woman who was 18 at that time was invited by the Blackpool player to his house for “Netflix and chills” before raping her at his home. Lubala was a Crawley player at that time, before making a move to Blackpool a year later.

The woman who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been with the player twice. One was at a hotel in Crawley, and before a second meeting. The woman claimed to have spent the night the first time they met, and had known the player for barely an hour before they had fun together. The relationship ended after the second time they were together, and she blocked the player on social media before he contacted her again via sms.

In a gory rape scene that was detailed in court, the woman explained how she cried throughout the entire ordeal. The woman claimed that she had told Lubala through text messages before coming over that she was not interested in sex. She also noted that he only called her whenever he needed to have a good time with her.

Voice recordings that was brought forward by the woman immediately she left the place was played in court. The woman can he heard crying as she drove herself home. She said: “ I drove up yo my friend’s house. We’ve been friends for ages. We have slept together in the pase. We were chilling, and it just happened and I didn’t want him to. I told him that I didn’t want him to. The woman who got into a relationship with another woman claimed that she tried to withdraw the case a year ago, but decided that she had to deal with the situation.

The winger has made just 20 appearances for the club in two years. The congolese would be hoping that the case is resolved soon, so he can focus on his career at Blackpool.