Blackpool worst Performance in English Championship League

  • Posted on: 14 January 2015
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Blackpool is currently located in the bottom spots of the English Championship League after only being able to win 2 matches out of the 24 games which have been played so far, it seems like relegation will be the future of Blackpool as it’s going to be tough for them to get out of those bottom spots.

Even with this abysmal string of performances that the squad is going through, there is another incident which is taking over the headlines of anything which is related to Blackpool and it’s the situation that is going on concerning the chairman of the club, Karl Oyston.

Karl Oyston is the chairman of Blackpool as he took up this position in the club back in 1999 but the pressure is starting to build up as fans want him to leave and there has even been a petition which has been signed by over 3,000 supporters of the club as they are expressing their desire on seeing Oyston stepping down from his role in the team.

Stephen Smith is a supporter of Blackpool FC and Karl Oyston went into a war of words via text messages with Smith which culminated with the chairman calling Smith a ‘’retard’’ as well as also going on and telling him to ‘’enjoy the rest of your special needs day out’’.

It is also believed that Oyston also told Smith to "f*** off back under whatever rock you reside under" and called the supporter "educationally subnormal" and a "sad act".

Under pressure from the media and the rest of the supporters of Blackpool, Karl Oyston issued a public apology through the official website of the club as he said:

Karl Oyston said: "I would like to unreservedly apologize for any offence or distress caused by my text responses reported in the media recently. I regret stooping to the level of those threatening and abusing my family.

"My mobile number was placed on a social media website recently and it led to a barrage of abuse about my mother, father, wife, children and myself. In hindsight the aim of this was clear, and I foolishly opted to challenge some of the abuse, harassment and threats.

Karl Oyston has had a rocky relationship with a number of supporters of the club and even the president of Blackpool has urged the chairman to simply quit.

Latvian Belokon owns 20% of the club’s share and he suggested Oyston to just quit as the pressure that the club and it’s staff members are receiving is just way too much and the actions that Oyston are unacceptable.