Jimmy Phillips is not going to be easily dishing out Senior Team Debuts

  • Posted on: 3 April 2016
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Despite being the head coach of Bolton Academy, Jimmy Phillips is not going to be easily dishing out senior team debuts to the players.

Phillips presently has the additional charge of Bolton’s senior team too after Neil Lennon left the post.

And, many believe as he has helped many youngsters grow through the Academy, he would take this opportunity to give them a bit of exposure at the bigger level.

However, according to Phillips, he might look to try out a few, but, only those whom he would be pretty sure about that this is the right moment to promote them.

In the words of the 50-year old Lancashire man, “Yes, as Academy boss, I want to see the players make that stride, but, they’ll be promoted only if they are ready for that.”
“To those, who deserve that, yes sure, but, the chances will not be presented just to everyone; that I can tell you.”

When asked what he expects from himself as interim senior team boss, Phillips said, “There is always a fresh start with a new coach and hopefully, the fortune changes with some good results so that the supporters can have reasons to celebrate.”

“I’ve not been present at the away matches because of my commitments at the Academy, but, from the home matches that I have seen, I can’t say that the performance has been all that poor to be honest.”

“However, the past matches are in the past and even if we talk about them on a continuous basis, those results will remain as they are. What is controllable is the future and that is what we will have to think about.”

Bolton is set to take on Bristol City on 19th at Ashton Gate.