Lee Clark feels criticism to Jamie Fired him up

  • Posted on: 5 March 2015
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The manager of Blackpool FC, Lee Clark, reckons all the criticism that Jamie O’Hara has had to deal with over the last one year has fired him up and he is eager to prove a point to his critics.

O’Hara had fallen down the pecking order at Wolverhampton Wanderers the previous season because of poor fitness.

He was also criticized for not being serious about his game.

The Wolves even tried to get rid of him during the winters of 2014, but, there were no interests from the Championship or even the league one clubs.

The player then requested the club himself to get his deal ended in August and was signed by Blackpool as a free agent thereafter.

According to Clark, the reason why he gambled on O’Hara was the hunger and the determination that he saw in the English play maker during their first meeting.

Speaking in an interview, Clark said, “I could see he was hurting. He was keen to go out there and prove himself again. There were a lot of things said and written. Not many thought that he still had it left in him, but, he backed himself and I would credit him for that. It’s not easy when people question your commitment and also, your ability to stay at the top level.”

“He is a real fighter. The previous game he was not in the prime of his health. He was slightly ill, but, he did not back off, played the game and eventually, made a difference for us.”

It was actually a game versus Blackburn in which O’Hara found the equalizer for Blackpool.

That game finished off as a 1-1 draw.

Blackpool is still the holder of the last i.e. the 24th position in the Championship table.