Penned Down the Deal: “Forever and Always, Nathan Delfouneso”

  • Posted on: 28 June 2019
  • By: content

Nathan Delfouneso, the Blackpool stalwart signed another year with Seasiders, by showing his act of dependency towards the future. Nathan Delfouneso who is a forward footballer, during this summer wasn’t visible in the contract but today the relationship of Nathan and pen to paper has taken place for a fresh contract which is ahead of his past seven seasons with Blackpool, for a renewed two-year contract which also includes an alternative for extension of 12 more months.

Nathan Delfouneso, the 28-year-old youngster with lots of desire and dedication towards the game of football, scored seven times in order to end the campaign resulting to him being the second highest club’s goal-scorer by making season appearance amounting to 45.

Back in 2012, the human as a gift, Nathan Delfouneso was served as a loan given by Aston Villa at Road of Bloomfield and today on the auspicious signing and future commitments we should not forget the embrace the grace of the double century appearance in April for Seasiders.

Nathan has been the most loyal player in the club, with the right assistance to/with him; he will be ace to the team, and the joker, who with his tactics turns the sport around. The fan base is now expressing the love and the satisfaction in order to be pleased to see him stay and expresses the contract and its extension as “forever”.

Everyone is excited to see Nathan and his advanced moves to step Blackpool up, by one or more level up. However, Jimmy Ryan is the only player of Blackpool who is yet to pin down the contract as the midfielder, let’s watch back and see how that goes and with hope and faith in Nathan and his commitments, cheer in for Blackpool this season.