• Posted on: 30 September 2014
  • By: isport

Theo Walcott’s injury has left him out of the playing grounds for a significantly long period of time as the injury that he picked up was in January and the English winger is expected to finally make his return on October, that’s over 7 months.

The 25 year old player has always been considered to be one of the fastest footballers in the world as he constantly blazes past his opponents down the wings, only a few other players are capable of keeping up with him and this one of the main reasons on why he played and still plays an important role in Arsenal as he is a fast paced player that can change a game in a matter of a few seconds.

It might be a while before he is having any effect on the Daily Soccer Match Lists at Will Hill.

After picking up his cruciate knee ligament injury, people are expecting that the injury is going to affect his speed on the pitch as he will have to take it easy during his first matches of the season after going through such a long and lengthy out of the pitch but according to Walcott, he is hoping to come back even better and faster than before.

“I hope to be quicker, definitely. You’ve got to look at these injuries as a bit of a blessing at times. I was able to be there for the birth of my son, Finley in April and, also, I’ve never had the opportunity to work on the strength in my legs. With that, I think I should be quicker and stronger. I’m all about positive thinking. The injury was always going to take nine months. I feel good within myself’’ Walcott said as he talked during a charity exhibition.

Walcott is hoping that Arsenal can continue riding the waves of success and momentum that the club experienced after winning the FA Cup some time ago and aim for the Premier League.